A Boy and His Coffee

Title: A Boy and His Coffee. Photo: Christina Sanders-Ring, 2014-08-23. Used with permission.
A Boy and His Coffee

The photographer’s son in the corner booth at Blue Cat in the Rock Island District.

(Photo: Christina Sanders-Ring, 2014-08-23. Used with permission.)

While the rest of the world counts January 1st as the time for “starting fresh,” those of us still entrenched in the world of academics follow the turning of the leaves as our cue to make changes. You and I–college students, adult learners–are beyond our primary and secondary years (some of us well beyond); we have chosen to grow and change and start fresh. This photo, a twelve-year-old boy transitioning from elementary school into junior high, “trying on” the character of an adult, inspires me to remember that we needn’t necessarily force ourselves into self-discovery.

We can, actually, play pretend a little, sit back with a cup of coffee, and think about how What We Like fits into What We Are.

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