“Rusty’s Grandmother”

According to Steve, the wallpaper is a nasty green and brown. The carpeting is a shaggy rusty colored orange. This is at his best friend Rusty’s grandma’s house. The word about Rusty’s grandmother and her late husband is that they bought it years ago, when they first got married. Her husband, Gerald, liked it so much, the location, the scenery, and the decorations, that she … Continue reading “Rusty’s Grandmother”

“The Working Dead”

Dave knocked tentatively on his boss’ open door, still holding the sticky note summoning him to her office. “You wanted to see me, Ms. Levin?” “Yes! Please, have a seat. How are you today, Dave?” Her voice was cheery, her motion toward the chair smooth, but her eyes were narrowed, scrutinizing Dave’s movements, words, and aura. “Fine. Good. Fine.” “Dave, we—your co-workers and I—Bethany, in … Continue reading “The Working Dead”


“Create your own civilization! Break the Laws of Evolution by building your own world! Explore the interactions and personal relationships of your very own creations as they imitate life. You can play God!” She bought the sand farm in a novelty store where she’d shopped with her father. “Just pick something, Lucinda! We haven’t all day!” The packaging came with an order form and instruction … Continue reading “Sandfarm”