McMeekan Recaps Graphic Novel Presentation

The night was a great intellectual discussion lead by Western Illinois University professors. Dr. Rebekah Buchanan, a professor of teacher education courses, spoke of integrating comic books into the classroom. Buchanan argues that graphic narratives have the ability to enable troubled readers to be enthusiastic about reading.

Dr. Marjorie Allison encouraged students that graphic novels have the ability to give us insight different from other mediums because the content can be expressed in a much more open and free context. The two professors also gave students some background information on how graphic narratives can be read. A graphic novel is read differently than other mediums because eyes and minds focus on the pictures as well as the words written. In reading a graphic novel, it is similar to interpreting a single frame in a movie. One single picture can focus on different things and taken in consideration with the juxtaposition of the other cells, each scene takes on different meanings.

Dr. Hamner truly made the night a success with his stimulating discussion of playing devil’s advocate. Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Allison, and Dr. Hamner provided those who attended with a much-needed intellectual discussion about the potential comic books have in the classroom.


Julia McMeekan

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