Milltown Coffee Considered “Great Asset to Growing Riverfront”

SETH: Early in the morning or after a long day of work, all I want… no scratch that, what I NEED, before class is a good cup of coffee and a snack to get or keep me going. Prior to September, this meant I would have to leave a little early and go out of my way to stop somewhere. Then I saw a flier on campus for this new coffee shop, Milltown Coffee, just down the street from campus. I was instantly excited to have access to coffee so close to school.

HAYLEIGH: Milltown Coffee opened on September 22nd of this year and is just a few short blocks from campus. During the week, they’re open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., meaning that no matter what time of day you have class, you also have access to coffee, food, and a great environment in which to work on assignments away from school. Milltown prides itself on its high quality coffee and nutritious, real-food menu options.

SETH: So about that coffee… I always like to ask the baristas on my first visit to a coffee shop for their recommendations; they usually know best. I was steered in the direction of one delicious cup of Miel latte. Not only was it a delicious local honey and cinnamon flavored latte, but it was a very visually pleasing drink as well; just check out the picture below. It was almost too pretty to drink…. Almost.

HAYLEIGH: …and I ordered an Americano with a shot of vanilla syrup. All of Milltown’s coffee syrups are homemade. They currently offer mocha, vanilla, chai, Miel, and a seasonal flavor (which is currently Bananas Foster). I was impressed by the strength of the coffee and love that they make all of their syrups in house.

SETH: Oh, lets not forget those snacks! I couldn’t decide between hummus with flat bread and fresh strawberries with balsamic honey, so I got both! The hummus and flat bread were a great snack. The homemade hummus is some of the best I’ve had. The fresh strawberries with balsamic honey were equally good. Halfway through, I realized how fresh and good the strawberries were considering that it is November! Really though… where do you get fresh strawberries in the Midwest in November? Anyways, wherever they came from they were delicious!

HAYLEIGH: I had the Chicken Caprese Panini, which I ordered without the chicken. Milltown is very good about accommodating various diets, including vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free – all you have to do is ask. The Panini was delicious and clearly made with high quality ingredients.

SETH: First impressions are important. I must admit, my first impression of Milltown was great. When I first walked in, I really like the layout: everything from the soft music playing, to the big menu on the wall behind the cashier. There is no shortage of seating, anything from standard tables to couches around a coffee table. It manages to have a modern feel along with that coffee shop environment I love, all with an entire wall of windows that show off an amazing view of the river.

HAYLEIGH: Along with the great drinks, food, and environment, the staff and customer service at Milltown are great. The baristas are very helpful in giving suggestions for what to order and they are also all very friendly. When one of our coffees was a bit slow coming out, we were offered a refund for the drink, which we turned down. A few minutes later, one of the baristas came out with a free grain-free cookie for us to try (it was absolutely delicious).

Milltown is a great asset to the growing riverfront. They offer breakfast, sandwiches, salads, snacks, soups, and a delicious section of baked goods in addition to their coffees, hot chocolate, teas, smoothies, beer, and wine. They’re also in the process of updating their menu, so when you visit, you’re bound to be able to try something new. If you want to keep up with Milltown, check out their Facebook page at or their website at


Seth Bleuer
Hayleigh Covella

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