The Problems with the College Football Playoff

I am a huge college football fan. The Bowl Championship Series had problems, but this new playoff system will have the same problems in determining who is number one. I have to say that the playoff system in college might not work. I say that because of the fact that the fifth and the sixth will always complain. With parity in college football, the playoff system will be even more difficult to determine who is number one. If you have an eight team playoff, then the ninth and the tenth team will complain. If you have a sixteen team playoff, then you are opening up Pandora’s Box.  I already believe that the regular season was a one round playoff. I am not sure that the people who are on the playoff board can remain neutral, when their team might be judged.

For example, if Florida State is knocked off by Miami (FL) this weekend, what will happen to the idea of the champion trying to defend their crown? I believe that Florida State will beat Miami (FL). I believe that parity will be the reason why the playoff system might not be the ultimate “solution” in crowning the true “champion” in college football. The difference between Football Bowl Subdivision and Football Championship Subdivision is that FCS is a playoff system throughout the FCS level, while FBS is a four team playoff and a bowl system. Another problem with the FBS system is that the bowl system is part of the four team playoff. How many bowls does college football need? The FBS has over 125 teams. How would the playoffs system work overall? Should FBS emulate the FCS system in order to determine a true “number one?”  This is going to be interesting in the near future in college football. I hope the system works, but I have strong doubts about the playoff system.


Vince Jones

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