Local Music Lovers: Lend Me Your Mondays

Starting earlier this month, a new weekly event was added to the QC’s growing list of extracurricular activities: Moeller Mondays. Curated by Daytrotter, a website that is combined with a local music studio, one of a handful around the country, Moeller Mondays is hosted at the Rozz Tox in downtown Rock Island and features live performances of the best and newest indie music in the biz, making Mondays your new favorite day of the week.

Each week, a mystery musical guest passes through the Quad Cities, and for an easy fee of five to ten dollars, depending on your budget, you can hear tunes at a hip and welcoming local venue. It’s a win-win for all involved: traveling artists, local businesses, and you. This weekly hangout has a little something for everyone. Make new friends with sweet people full of laughter and compliments, while you enjoy a drink of your choice from a unique menu of cafe beverages, or for those of age, a craft beer or glass of wine. But most importantly, listen to music that you may not have heard otherwise.

The musical genre varies from week to week. So far, there have been singer/songwriters (Dylan LaBlanc, Josiah Leming), an alternative rock country artist (Nikki Lane), a kind of sad electronic-synth artist (Advance Base), a folksy pop band from New Zealand (Streets of Laredo), and a soulful indie rock band (The Lawsuits). The crowds vary as well. You may find a small intimate gathering that allows complete focus on the music, as people quietly and attentively listen to an artist. Or you may find standing room at capacity, with those ready and willing to dance, leaving the little space left between bodies to be filled with waves of energy.

As an extra treat, following the evening’s live performance, Mr. Daytrotter himself, founder Sean Moeller, DJs even more music, just in case your ears were not satisfied by the previous hour’s auditory sensation.

As an FYI, there are possible future venue shifts for special occasions, as well as a winter break coming up pretty soon, but the recommendation for everyone to take a Monday night and check out Moeller Mondays is still necessary.

Be sure to check Daytrotter and the Rozz Tox on the interwebs, and also “like” them on Facebook (here and here) for further information and news about up and coming projects, music, art, and all things creative in the QC’s.

Claire Larson

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