Students Host Political Event at Java Java for Warren

WIU- QC students invite the public to the Run Warren Run Letter to the Editor event held this Saturday, February 14th at 10am at Java Java Espresso Café, 836 E. River Dr.,  Davenport.

As a United States Senator, Elizabeth Warren has continuously fought for expanding government aid to college students, lowering the student loan interest rate, and regulating large banks and financial corporations.

In 2011, Elizabeth Warren co-founded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aimed at protecting American consumers from the malicious practices of financial institutions. In 2012, she won a United States Senate race in Massachusetts. One of her main platforms has been to close tax loopholes for Wallstreet and the largest corporations and reinvest that money into lowering college tuition and increasing student aid.

Elizabeth Warren has shown time and again that she has the courage to speak out against the current institutions.

Help show that Elizabeth Warren can be elevated to the highest possible elected office, President of the United States.



Sam King and Julia McMeekan

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