Motivational Midterms: A Playlist

It’s that time of year again, kids. When the papers, readings, projects, quizzes, and assignments are piling up to immeasurable heights to the point where it is so overwhelming that it simply just will not get done. Or maybe that’s only me. Maybe all other students have a handle on their lives for the most part. It does not matter what kind of inherently successful … Continue reading Motivational Midterms: A Playlist

Student Offers Insight As Member of CSS

I am a member of the CSS.  I try to consistently show up to the meetings.  Last semester, I was not able to show up to the meetings as much as I wanted.  When I first started attending Western, I kept to myself and sometimes I still do, but I got to meet different people.  I never been interested in taking part in school activities.  … Continue reading Student Offers Insight As Member of CSS

Chicago Field Museum: A Student’s Account

Senior Julia McMeekan recaps her experience on LASSO’s Annual Bus Trip. This year, the student group organized a trip to the Chicago Field Museum Thursday, February 12. “The bus trip to the Field Museum in Chicago was better than I could have imagined. It was the first time I had been myself and got as much information as I could before I went. Turns out, … Continue reading Chicago Field Museum: A Student’s Account