Chicago Field Museum: A Student’s Account

Senior Julia McMeekan recaps her experience on LASSO’s Annual Bus Trip. This year, the student group organized a trip to the Chicago Field Museum Thursday, February 12.

“The bus trip to the Field Museum in Chicago was better than I could have imagined. It was the first time I had been myself and got as much information as I could before I went. Turns out, their words could not have described what I would get to witness. We arrived a little after 10am and got to explore at our own wishes. The first thing I viewed of course was Sue.”

“Sue” is the most complete set of fossils representing a Tyrannosaurus. The dinosaur measures 42 feet long from snout to tail and 13 feet tall at the hip. She smiles with 58 sharp teeth and is considered the icon of the Field Museum.

I am afraid of heights so I really did not look at her long,” McMeekan continues her story. “The Tibetan exhibit had interesting clothes, the jewels were absolutely stunning, and the lecture with the biologist has heightened my spirits about activism in protecting our planet. There were even artists sketching the animals in the exhibit. It was amazing. I was worn out by the end, but I will have to make future trips so I can go back and catch what I missed.”

LASSO, Western Illinois University – Quad Cities Liberal Arts and Science Student Organization, sponsors the Chicago trip every year, and a panel of students votes on the destination. The trip is educational and usually involves a museum of some sort.

“That’s the thing about museums,” McMeekan recaps. “They allow us to witness the changes we’ve made as a society and culture. They allow us to ponder what the museums in 100 years look like. Every visit is always different. The bus ride went super quick, or I should say in the bus that watched Sherlock Holmes. For all of those who came, it was a pleasure having you on the trip I hope you had an excellent time. For those who didn’t make it, I hope you’ll look forward to the one that will happen next year.”

Kasi DeFrieze

Julia McMeekan

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