Student Offers Insight As Member of CSS

I am a member of the CSS.  I try to consistently show up to the meetings.  Last semester, I was not able to show up to the meetings as much as I wanted.  When I first started attending Western, I kept to myself and sometimes I still do, but I got to meet different people.  I never been interested in taking part in school activities.  I always felt that those kind of activities were unnecessary.  I wanted to get out of my shell and do some kind of school activity at Western.  I remember asking one of the members about the Humility of Mary, because of the fact that I have never heard of the Humility of Mary.  I’ve had classes with all of the members.  Most of the time, the CSS offer up ideas to expand the world of communication and get people excited about their communication skills. We have guests speak at our meetings.   The CSS is a good idea to put on your resume and tell your future employer about taking part in CSS activities.

I applied for the Ambassador Program for WQPT-PBS and got accepted.  I enjoyed seeing different people from different college campuses to be at the Ambassador Program.  I am getting off the subject of this column.   I know I may come off as a hypocrite because of the fact that I do not attend as many events as the other CSS members.  I have been to two cookouts, a field trip to Chicago, and some of the meetings.  I know that I do not contribute my thoughts on what events to this group.

All of the CSS members really want more people to join and I would recommend anyone to show up to a meeting to see what it is like.

The next meeting is on March 4 at 12:30, in Room 2116.  See you there!

Vince Jones

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