Bulls Are Better Without Rose

I still believe that who will represent the Eastern Conference will either be the Bulls or the Cavs.  Derrick Rose’s injury is unfortunate, but the Bulls will be a better team in the long run.  I am unsure that Derrick Rose can reliable for half the season.  I believe he has a case of being injury prone. I believe that Bulls fans should not expect much from Derrick Rose in years to come.  I know that Jimmy Butler is out for 3 to 6 weeks.  That is another setback for the Bulls. Overall, I believe that the Bull will either get a 2 seed or a 3 seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

I believe that the Hawks could be a dark horse, but I am not sold on them representing the Eastern Conference.  I want to see more from the Hawks before we put them as representatives of the Eastern Conference.  It is about the matchups you get in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  The Bulls will still make the NBA Playoffs.  Right now, the Bulls would face Milwaukee in the first round.  The Bulls would win the series in five games.  The Bucks are an improved team, but the Bulls are just a better team.   The Bulls have taken a step back on defense, but the offense has improved a lot.  Unfortunately, I still think that the Cavs would win in 6.  I think that having a superstar can play a factor in the series.  I believe that LeBron will be LeBron in the series.  He will have a good series against the Bulls.  The Bulls will put up a fight, but that won’t be enough against the Cavs. The Cavs will represent the Eastern Conference.

Vincent Jones

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