CSS Member Offers Insight on Alderwoman’s Visit

I would like to thank Alderwoman Tompkins for speaking at our meeting. I really appreciated her talking about the politics of communication and how she uses communication on daily basis. She explained to the CSS on how communication is important in getting people to vote. She explained different ways of reaching out to voters. It could be door to door or sending voters’ information about yourself through social media. Other CSS Members asked good questions and even I asked a question. My question was about the population the alderwoman represented. I wish I had a follow to my question.

I agree with Alderwoman Tompkins on the fact that there should be more women in politics. I believe that was one of the CSS advisor’s question. I agree with the fact that sexism does exist. How much prejudice is in politics? I don’t know, but I am optimistic about the fact that some of the voters care more about the issues than the gender, race, or sexual orientation of the candidate. I would like to add that I feel that it is about who you are comfortable with. One of the CSS Members knew more about her area than I did. I really learned a lot about the politics of communication.  How we communicate depends on the person and how you are communicating with that person. Overall, I really enjoyed Alderwoman Tompkins speaking in front of the CSS. To all of the CSS Members, thanks for speaking at our meeting.

Vince Jones

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