Special Projects Internship, WQPT

Are you looking for an internship opportunity that directly impacts the community you live in? How about an opportunity to have a rewarding experience working for Public Broadcasting? WQPT Quad Cities PBS helps bring public television to our entire community and plays an essential role in the educational and cultural life in our communities here in the Mississippi River valley. DESCRIPTION WQPT Quad Cities PBS … Continue reading Special Projects Internship, WQPT

Initiative Coordinator, WQPT

As part of their Embracing Our Military initiative, WQPT-Quad Cities PBS will convene local groups to raise awareness of important issues to the military community. WQPT will: 1) increase the number of veterans connecting with local resources and 2) raise the visibility of the military community at the Rock Island Arsenal in the greater Quad Cities area. Through on-air programming, events, and collaborations with like-minded … Continue reading Initiative Coordinator, WQPT

“The Intern” Movie Review

“The Intern,” directed by Nancy Meyers, is probably the best comedy released so far this year. It stars Robert DeNiro in the titular role with Anne Hathaway as his new boss, with Rene Russo, Adam Devine, Nat Wolf, Christina Scherer, Anders Holm and Zach Pearlman in supporting roles. And with that being said, it follows DeNiro as an elderly widower who’s become bored with essentially … Continue reading “The Intern” Movie Review

“The Martian” Movie Review

The Martian may be the best movie Ridley Scott has done since Gladiator (which came out a decade and a half ago). It stars Matt Damon as an astronaut whose crew strands him on Mars, after mistaking him to be dead. Various other big name actors have supporting roles in the movie too, such as Jeff Daniels, Jessica Chastain, Sean Bean and Michael Pena. Also, … Continue reading “The Martian” Movie Review

IPhone Security Tips and Tricks

With some much personal data stored on our mobile devices, security needs to be the number one priority for everyone. In many cases, data breaches happen due to poor security. The risk of a security breach can be minimized by taking these first steps. 1) Enable Touch ID & Passcode The simplest way to secure any device and especially a mobile device is to enable … Continue reading IPhone Security Tips and Tricks