IPhone Security Tips and Tricks

With some much personal data stored on our mobile devices, security needs to be the number one priority for everyone. In many cases, data breaches happen due to poor security. The risk of a security breach can be minimized by taking these first steps.
1) Enable Touch ID & Passcode
The simplest way to secure any device and especially a mobile device is to enable password protection and basic security features. In the case of the iPhone, there is the ability to enable fingerprint recognition and password. Go to “Settings” ➡️ “Touch ID & Passcode” ➡️ “Activate “iPhone Unlock” and “App and iTunes Stores.” Next select “Add a Fingerprint.” This will require a short activation process. Turn on “Passcode.” When selecting a passcode make sure that it is strong, unique, and avoid using a simple 4 digit code to unlock your device. It is ideal to use a combination of numbers and letters as well as symbols. After selecting a strong passcode, select “Immediately” under the “Require Passcode” option.
2) Turn on Erase Data
Go to Settings” ➡️ “Touch ID & Passcode” ➡️ activate “Erase Data.” Once activated, data will be erased on the device after 10 failed passcode attempts.
3) Enable Auto-Lock
Secure your iPhone by activating Auto-Lock. When not in use, your iPhone automatically go into lock mode and will require a passcode or fingerprint to access phone content after a selected period time. This feature can be accessed by going to “Settings” ➡️ “General”  ➡️ “Auto-Lock”  ➡️ “30 Seconds.”
This security features are not unique iOS devises and can be found on android devices.
More security tips and tricks to come.

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