“The Intern” Movie Review


“The Intern,” directed by Nancy Meyers, is probably the best comedy released so far this year. It stars Robert DeNiro in the titular role with Anne Hathaway as his new boss, with Rene Russo, Adam Devine, Nat Wolf, Christina Scherer, Anders Holm and Zach Pearlman in supporting roles.
And with that being said, it follows DeNiro as an elderly widower who’s become bored with essentially no purpose in life. However, he finds an ad for senior interns as an internet-based company called “About the Fit.” It turns out that he’s overly-qualified for the position, despite having no experience with computers (thanks to a lifetime in business). Once hired, he gets assigned as the personal intern to the company’s founder (Hathaway). Initially, she is not too happy with the idea (having initially been against it). Though, her tune does start to slowly change throughout the film—especially after he becomes her chauffeur as well. Then after a while, they slowly become close (even becoming best friends by the end of the movie). Meanwhile, Hathaway’s business partner in the movie is pressuring her to hire a new CEO, and DeNiro’s character develops a romance with the company’s masseuse (Russo) while becoming good friends with his fellow interns.
Now, as for the movie itself, I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard in the theater. The scene where Russo’s character is first introduced is especially funny (could hardly hear the movie since everyone was laughing so hard). Besides that, the humor has an intelligence to it that is normally missing from comedies that try to be consistently funny. Likewise, the thing that really helps the humor work, is the chemistry between the characters. DeNiro and Hathaway have amazing comic chemistry together (despite neither being an actual comedian). So I recommend that everyone just see this movie for themselves.

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