Minimalist Zen by Cheyenne Coleman


ZENSitting under the fall sun, I can hear the wind blowing on the rustling leaves. As I sip tea, the sun is warming my face. This is the moment. The perfect moment. I am enjoying this exact instant. I have no commitments, no worries, no troubles. These are the moments I live for.
How have I come to enjoying these little moments, where everything seems so simple and yet so complex? Oh, but so beautiful. Minimalism. There are few that have heard about the minimalist movement. Pinterest will find all sorts of pins, but most of it is beautifully decorated closets and spaces. That’s not what it’s all about. Though it is slightly different for each person, it is guided by relatively the same spiritual beliefs.
Minimalism is about finding the beauty in everything, even the smallest details. This is a spiritual overhaul. When is the last time you have really enjoyed a cup of coffee on a sunny day? It doesn’t happen very often, but it should.
Removing all clutter, negative energy, and unhealthy relationships are the key aspect when starting minimalism. However, when you get deeper into its spiritual existence, it helps strengthen the bonds you have with those around you, as well as with nature.
Finding that becomes your main goal. Minimalism has nothing to do with financial security or any other term related to money. It isn’t intended to diminish your costs; it is intended to diminish your worries and stresses. Find your happiness in little moments. They’re there; you just have to look for them. This is a journey and a process, not a challenge or a sprint. Taking the first steps is the hardest, but it is a lifetime of adventures. Enjoy it!

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