The Spice of Life By Cheyenne Coleman


10 Ways to Start a Minimalist Lifestyle

#1. Get rid of negative relationships. This includes friends and significant others, etc. If they keep dragging you down, you won’t be able to find happiness. Or if you experience a lot of anxiety around a particular person, get rid of them. Sorry to be harsh but if you really want to enjoy life, you have to love the people around you and they have to truly love you back. It’s all about eliminating stress and anxiety.

#2. Get outside. Throughout the day, spend at least 30 minutes outside, no matter how hot/cold it is. A huge part of minimalism is appreciating the beauty around you and that includes mother nature. Make time for her, whether you have a whole hour or just ten minutes here or there. Make it happen.

#3. Get rid of your ‘stuff.’ Make five piles: Trash, Donate, Sell, Beautiful, and Keep. The beautiful pile will consist of things you don’t need but appreciate them for their aesthetic appeal. You will then go through this pile and keep 10% of it. This can include house decorations and such. Let’s find your zen.

#4. Live on the edge. Don’t spend your money on going out to dinner, when you can cook them yourself, or a movie that you can’t talk to one another. Go do things! Think skiing, hiking, ziplining, rock climbing, you get the point. Oh and take lots of pictures. Make memories.

#5. Meditate in your own way. This can be yoga classes, chanting mantras, sitting in silence, whatever way you feel comfortable.

#6. Limit electronic time. Give yourself time to connect with others, yourself, and nature.

#7. Laugh and laugh often. Whatever makes you laugh, do it! Make yourself feel good!

#8. Downsize. The car, the house, the phones, the everything basically! Do you really need 2500 square feet for your family of 4? What about the car payments? On average, Americans spend $400 a month per car on a car payment. Two cars could easily be paying your mortgage.

#9. Stop spending money on more things. And stop bargain hunting! Just because you found a goose on a stick for $1 at a garage sale does not mean you need it. I understand necessities, but when you already have more clothing that can fit in your closet, I don’t think you really NEED more.

#10. Become self-sufficient. Start out small on this or it will overwhelm you. Start with your own small garden or start growing herbs. Maybe building your own furniture is more your style. The less you need to rely on others, the more you will be able to save and the more secure you will be if there is a crisis.

There you have it! 10 ways your life can be more minimalistic. Please comment on ways you live a minimalist life!

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