Apple TV Review

unknownThe new Apple TV is scheduled for ordering on October 26th according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. The new Apple TV will be available in two models: $149 for 32GB and $199 for 64GB. In addition to the new models, consumers will be able to still purchase the older version of the device for $60. For the first time, consumers will have a few choices when it comes to the Apple TV.

If you have the old Apple TV, is there a reason to upgrade? The answer is yes. The new Apple TV brings major updates since 2012 when the original Apple TV was released. First, the Apple TV will not be able to access the App Store. This is made possible with its new TV OS operating system. This will also allow developers to create new content and give users more control of Apple TV content.

Second, the Apple TV has a redesigned remote with a glass touch surface. Apple’s Eddie Cue described this feature as “With an iPhone you interact directly on the screen, and we wanted to bring the same connected experience to your television even though it’s across the room”. The remote also have following dedicated buttons: Home, Siri, Play/Pause, Volume Up and Volume Down. In addition to the glass touch surface and dedicated buttons, the remote will connect via Bluetooth 4.0 or IR transmitter. Through the built in mics, Siri can be accessed to issue commands and perform searches for content. To power the remote, a lightning connector is being used instead of a replaceable lithium battery.

Third, the processor has been upgraded to a dual-core A8 chip, which should provide a significant boost in performance. With this processor, gaming is now a possibility. This will be Apple’s first true entry in the console war with Microsoft and Sony.

Finally, there are a few other minor differences. Audio output has been improved to Dolby Digital 7.1 from 5.1. The New Apple TV is 1.4 inches in height compared to 0.9 inches of the older model. There is also a 5.4-ounce weight difference between the new Apple TV and the previous model.

If you are looking for a media player, one cannot go wrong with this device. In the end, it will depend on your needs whether or not this new Apple TV is for you.

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