Are you maximizing your Amazon Prime benefits?

AmazonAmazon Prime is more than just free shipping for your online purchases.
But, what does a prime membership get you? First, Amazon offers two annual price plans for a membership, $99 and $49(students). Prime Membership comes with a array of services, not just free shipping. Let’s begin.
As a prime member, one has unlimited streaming of movies and videos. Amazon has an extensive library but compared to Netflix it is still lacking mainstream movie and television releases. To view newer content on Amazon, it usually requires paying an additional fee to view the content. With Netflix, there is not additional content viewing charge. For a casual viewer, this may not be a deal breaker.
Unlimited streaming of Prime Playlists with more than a million songs is a excellent perk for music lovers. To sweeten the deal, Amazon removes all advertising. The user also has more control of where the music can be played. Content can be downloaded to your phone or mobile device, thus eliminating the need to be constantly connected to access content. This is a benefit when cellular service is spotted or non-existent. Similar to movies, the music catalog is limited to compared to Spotify, Apple, and other music streaming services. But, it is free with membership.
Early Access to Special Deals
Amazon already offers many of it’s products at competitive prices compared to other online and brick and mortar retailers. This is where Amazon has raised the stakes by offering special “Lightning Deals.” During these sales, products are often sold at greatly reduced prices. It is similar to the Blue Light specials that Kmart became known for over the years. By being a prime member, one has access to the special deals before the general public. This is a nice perk, but should be viewed critically. Amazon does offer great deals, but not always for the best products. In some cases, the products may be limited in quantity or on the verge of being discontinued due to a newer model being released. One should read carefully the product information and reviews of verified purchasers.
Besides movies, music, and special deals, Prime members will also receive the following:
Unlimited photo storage in Amazon’s Cloud which provides backup and access to
   photos from phone, computer, or tablet at anytime.
Prime Pantry provides a member with access to groceries and household items
   which can be shipped directly to ones home for a flat shipping rate.
– Access to Kindle Lending Library to get a free borrowed e-book per month.
– Free two-day shipping on prime products.
With anything, one will have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding is Amazon Prime for you.

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