Why People Choose Minimalism By Cheyenne Coleman

Many people don’t know where to start or why some people choose to become minimalists. I have created a list of common reasons why they choose this path. I started with the most surface level ones. These are totally acceptable reasons to switch to minimalism. The latter are the more spiritual reasons. Don’t worry, if you choose this course for the more surface level reasons, the spiritual ones will eventually follow. They come hand-in-hand. It’s not like you can separate the two. Either way — I am excited you chose the path to become a minimalist!

You always have dirty dishes in the sink. If you can never seem to keep you sink, or counters for that matter, you may want to choose minimalism.

You have more laundry than an entire department store. Does laundry never seem to end in your house? There is always something to be washed and don’t even ask about folding it all!

You always have to organize and re-organize. Stop organizing!!!! Get rid of it. Who dusts anyways?

You have more debt than you think will ever be possible to pay off. Do your credit cards always seem to be maxed out or carry a balance? It seems like you can never get ahead. And don’t start on saving, I can barely make my bills right now.

You are constantly penny pinching, clipping coupons, or shopping the ads. Is this a routine that is constantly consuming your time because you need to make ends meet and there is only so much in the budget for each expense. It seems like the money stacks in the envelopes keep getting thinner and thinner.

You have nothing to wear in your overflowing closet. Maybe retail is your choice of therapy. I do not judge; that was me once — or twice — or three times. Hey! I’m not counting. But, do you have all this clothing and find it hard to pick out the perfect outfit?

Your basement has become a hoarding space. You don’t even know what’s down there anymore. If it doesn’t have a place upstairs, do you just throw it in the basement and call it a day?

There is never enough time for anything. Don’t you wish there were 30 hours in a day? There is so much to be done, but oh, so little time. How am I supposed to clean, cook, take care of the kids, work, exercise, and relax all in one day? It’s not happening!

You are over-stressed, over-worked and hate your job. The hours just seem to get longer each year and each minute feels like an eternity. Or maybe you cannot stand your boss or your work and you get no happiness from it. All it is doing is stressing you out and taking valuable time from your life. Are you working to make a living or working to live life?

You don’t see your family as much as you would like. There are so many things to do and work is just so consuming that you have no time for the people you love. Maybe you just want to snuggle up on the couch with your little ones or your significant other and there never seems to be time for that.

You aren’t happy or content with life. Are you missing the point of life? Do you always seem to be trying to get somewhere or something? Do you laugh anymore?

And I am sure there are more reasons, but I tend to find these the most common.

Life can really suck sometimes, but it can also be amazing. I really hope you choose to join this lifestyle. I can honestly say in 30 days or less, you will feel like entire weights have been lifted off you. I understand it isn’t for everyone, but I want to help people become happy one person at a time. You know, it’s hard in this life where it always seems to be like a race to the finish line. But, what about all those moments in-between? Enjoy those to their maximum capacity. I wish you luck on the beginning of your journey!

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