Winter Must Haves By Claire Chouinard

Winter fashion is my absolute favorite! I love bundling up in a comfy sweater, leggings, and my favorite boots. You can also layer your outfits and mix and match items to make different looks, which is tougher to do during the summer. Here are the five must have items for your closet this winter.

1. Rain Boots
An essential for early winter when the weather can’t decide if it wants to be warm or cold so everything is a sloppy mess. I can’t tell you how many pairs of boots I’ve lost to nasty winter weather before I invested in rain boots last winter. You can wear them all day or just while you’re on your way to work or school. They aren’t insulated though, so I wouldn’t go wandering around the snow in them. Hunter Boots are my favorite, but Target has cute and affordable ones too!


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2. Fleece Lined Leggings
Bless the wonderful soul that invented these. Leggings are a staple in the winter but you will get chilly fast if they aren’t lined. You can find fleece lined ones almost anywhere nowadays. They’re a lot thicker and softer than regular ones. This pair is from Von Maur and they’re the best purchase I’ve ever made!


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3. A Blanket Scarf
The closest you will ever get to wearing a Snuggie in public. A blanket scarf is just an oversized scarf that is big enough that could use it as, well, a blanket. They are not only trendy but are super warm and comfortable for days when you have to walk out in the bitter cold. This one from Von Maur is one of my favorites and the colors are perfect for winter!



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4. Flannel Shirts
I would be content if my closet only consisted of flannel shirts. The perfect item for days when you can’t decide what to wear. Spice them up with a jacket or vest, with your favorite graphic tee underneath, or with a statement necklace. Old Navy is my go-to store for flannel shirts. They have a great selection



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5. A Comfy Sweater
My go-to item in the winter. I love the simplicity of throwing on a sweater and being on my way. You can wear them with jeans, dress pants, or leggings to dress them up or down. Also, you can change the look of them by the accessories you choose. Old Navy is not only my favorite place to purchase flannel shirts, but sweaters as well. They’re simple and trendy!

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