Finding Simplicity By Cheyenne Coleman

waterfall-690378_960_720I hear the cars race by. I see the people marching in sync with Hilter’s army as they move themselves around store after store with their Smartphones embedded to their extremities. I hear the cash registers beeping and cards swiping constantly. I see the negative effects that have been caused by greed and control.

When does it all become too much? Are we ever happy anymore? Will we ever have enough? At this rate, I don’t think we will ever find those answers. There is always more to be had and less to enjoy.

While we lounge comfortably in our Big Tonka Toy Trucks, we don’t notice the destruction we are doing to Mother Nature. It isn’t just the cars or trucks though. It’s the landfills, the lack of care, and the need for lower production costs. After all, we need more money to purchase the American Dream. What if I told you our need for more would lead to the complete downfall of our world and our people? Would you believe me?

I think not. In reality, our need for more is the farthest thing from a need. Do we need a 60 inch TV, 20 pairs of jeans, and credit limits that allow us to go into debt indefinitely? (Did you know there is a guy out there with over 1,00 credit cards? Why?) None of these things are a necessity. It’s our ego pressing our morals to “keep up with the Jones’.” There are upgrades to be made, smarter phones, prettier cars, bigger houses, and the list goes on. But, we often learn all too late that the  Jones’ don’t pay our mortgages, our car loans, or our credit card debts.

We inevitably become overwhelmed, over stressed, over consumed and over busy. No surprise here. Why do you think the massage services have become such a power house? Our lives are on full throttle to keep hiding behind the identity of a life we wish we had, the ‘celebrities’ we see in the movies and magazines. Do we even know what our true morals and values are anymore? Are they really that righteous? Don’t judge yourself too hard. I was there before. It was ugly inside and I was ashamed of myself, but I found a way to get out of this greed-ego cycle.

Shouldn’t life be about family, love, time, and community? Those, however, get pushed to the side for the ultimate goal — our quest for the life we cannot have. We believe we can come back to those things and the most important people will always wait for us when we are working dead-end, meaningless jobs just to pay for all the ‘luxuries’ of a U.S. citizen and neglect the relationships that need constant effort. All too often, we find those people are gone before we realize it. And we have been put on anti-depressants, self-medicated with alcohol or drugs, and are controlled by this overwhelming sense of loneliness and dissatisfaction. We are alone in this big evil world that is out to get us. We try to get ahead and yet again, another tidal wave comes crashing down on us.
There is a way out and an end to this all. I promise you that. We can change the world, the economy, and most importantly — our own lives. Remember back in Elementary School when we drew pictures of flower fields and smiling faces? I can take you back there. There will be a lot of heartache, questioning yourself and society in the beginning, but in the end — there will be happiness. It’s a long road filled with twists, turns, hills, mountains, and maybe a few avalanches, but it will be worth it. You might even see some waterfalls and hot springs along the way. It’s a never ending journey that will bring happiness and love to the forefront of our lives. Stay with me and we will dive into the depths of living a life of simplicity.

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