Is Time On Bush’s Side? By Ryan Mau

republican-democrat-battle1With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching, presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties are focused on the hard task of getting voters to write their name on the ballot to win the state of Iowa. The Iowa caucus has been known to make or break campaigns on the path to their respective nominations. President Barack Obama, then Senator Obama, was the surprise winner of the Iowa caucus in 2008 that was, at the time, thought to be going to Senator Hillary Clinton. Obama had won the nomination for the Democratic Party later that year.

The Republican side of the 2016 campaign is fairly saturated, with twelve notable candidates running for the nomination. The race has been something unlike what no US citizen as seen before, where mud-slinging seems to be the norm rather than talking about national issues. Candidates have come into the race, only to see their campaign die from their inability to “play with the big boys.” Popularity changes when a campaign struggles so much that candidates are placed on a pre-debate debate that no one seems to watch.

One candidate, once thought to be the “shoo-in” for the nomination until Donald Trump entered the race, has experienced multiple issues trying to maintain relevance in the race from the beginning. Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, comes from a line of politicians. A line that many would think would give him the nomination on a “silver platter.” But this seemingly easy “handout” to Governor Bush, is now no longer existent.

Since its inception, the Bush campaign has suffered many setbacks. From multiple revamps of his campaign in the beginning, to his lackadaisical performances in all of the Republican debates, Bush’s campaign is struggling to keep its head just above water. Bush has even started heavily attacking the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, in what seems to be a “too-little, too late” action.

It also does not help that his campaign has spent well over 100 million dollars (60 million of it in ad campaigns) to see his numbers drop. It never helped having the family’s matriarch, Barbara Bush, state early on that the United States does not need another Bush as a President, only to be featured recently in an ad where she speaks about how he would be a great in the role as Commander-In-Chief. And, finally, it absolutely does not help when large donors and major supporters do nothing but talk negatively against the very candidate that they support.

Time may, or may not be, on Jeb Bush’s side. But with his own realization that his campaign’s focus may need to shift on the month of March, and his inability to fix the early issues in his campaign, the struggle to get out of the water for Jeb Bush is very real. The month of March may be the focus of Bush and his advisors, but they all need to be extremely cautious of the month of February.

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