Netflix Binge Worthy: The Guild Review By Stephanie Hoover

The guild
No, you don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate The Guild, as I am not, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. However, having a gamer on hand to explain terminology like “afk” (away from keyboard) and QQ (crying/quit) can help; or Google…Google can help also. The Guild is about a group, a guild, of gamers who play an online game together. The first episode opens with the main character Cyd (gamer name Codex) talking to her therapist about how she needs to detach from the interactive gaming world and interact more with “the real world.” Cyd is soon ambushed by one of her guildies when he pops up on her doorstep because he misconstrued their online interactions for flirting (the story of my life!).
Most of the show is told through Codex’s video blog (vlog) reactions to what’s going on in her life and the guild. This is by far one of my favorite nerd shows. I originally started watching The Guild on YouTube and was super stoked when I found it was on Netflix! However, I also own the DVD’s because I became quite a fanatic. I hope to one day be Codex for Halloween, but I’m limited to one day a year to partake in dressing up! #nerdygirlcharactersonlyaselectgroupofpeopleknow. –Yea, I know about cosplay, but that’s more expensive than Halloween. Halloween doesn’t involve as much travel and registration fees. What’s equally as awesome as inspiring is the creator, Felicia Day (Codex/Cyd), had written the script for The Guild and was rejected by everyone she pitched it to. She was talked into putting it onto the web as it was a show for people who were active on the web and that’s where it took off! The Guild has some of my favorite nerdy songs: Do You Want to Date my Avatar, Game On, I’m the One That’s Cool, and more!! Google and/or download them!!
I must have a soft spot for a well delivered monotone dialogue because one of my favorite characters to quote is Vork (on the subject of what restaurant to meet at), “Somewhere with low price point. I didn’t budget for social activities this month.” Codex has some great advice throughout the series as well, “It is so much easier to measure life in experience points. As I’m not as super huge of a nerd as I may seem I was crazy excited to see that Wil Wheaton has a reoccurring role on this show! (He’s also on The Big Bang Theory guys!) I’m so sad The Guild is done. I wonder if I could lobby to bring it back? Why must good things die!!! But seriously you should watch it; binge watch it!!

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