Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without Breaking the Bank By Claire Chouinard

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and bank accounts everywhere are starting to sigh. Showing your love and appreciation for someone doesn’t have to be done at a five star restaurant with flowers and presents that cost more than your rent. This Valentine’s Day change things up and enjoy the day without breaking the bank!

We’ll start with presents. Try giving something homemade this year instead of store bought. For something extra cute, make a coupon book with certificates for a home cooked meal, a week without chores, a foot massage, etc. If you aren’t the crafty type and that seems way too overwhelming, you can always buy a box of chocolates but make a homemade card to go with it.

Flowers are a great gift, but let’s be honest, they will be dead in a week. Not to mention the price of flowers is usually doubled on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to justify spending so much money on something that you will have to throw away in such a short amount of time. Instead of a dozen roses opt for one. It will mean just as much to the person you love and your bank account will thank you for it.

The best way to save money on Valentine’s Day is by staying in instead of going out. A lot of restaurants have limited menus on Valentine’s Day, and just like flowers, the prices are higher than normal. Instead, stay in and cook a meal together. You will not only save money, but can enjoy getting to work together to prepare a meal. If you still decide you want to go out on Valentine’s Day, you can cook at home and go out for coffee and dessert afterwards to save money. The night doesn’t have to end there! End your Valentine’s Day with a movie night, game night, or simply reminiscing on past memories.

If you’re someone who refuses to give up a five star restaurant and a dozen roses, celebrate Valentine’s Day the week before or after to save money!

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