One week of poetry: by Laura Winton

(Generic Poem #1)

Pronoun verb article adjective noun.
Verb adverb preposition Proper Noun.
Interrogative pronoun verb pronoun noun
adjective? Noun, adjective, preposition
noun, verb noun adjective.


Clouds (An Invisible [Prose] Poem)

Grey clouds in the blue sky, last thing before I close my eyes, Think think about the metaphor, about what is not clichéd about how to express twilight and how to talk about clouds. Judy Collins said I really don’t know clouds at all and I think of that I say that every time I’m on an airplane. It sounds kind of silly to say that. What’s too stupid to be spoken is sung, said Voltaire, but why is it so stupid to say you don’t know or don’t understand clouds, really understand them, not just meteorologically. I don’t understand as a poet, how to talk about them, how to be new with clouds. I am not stupid, just a poet who is struck by grey clouds in a dark blue sky at purple twilight.

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