Super Bowl Sunday: Commercials By: Stephanie Hoover

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not big into sports, but Super Bowl Sunday seemed like a good study break and I’m a sucker for the funny commercials! Here’s my recap:
Booooring! Did something change? I thought having a commercial air during the Super Bowl was one of the most costly and competitive parts of this day! I don’t think I really liked one until Kevin Hart’s (Hyundai) commercial right before half time. And with that, one could argue that Hart should trust his daughter to make her own decisions, however I love 98% of what Kevin Hart does and I have a teenage daughter so I just sat back and laughed my ass off; maybe I should trade in my car??
The Ryan Reynolds (Hyundai) commercial was okay, but I don’t go gaga over muscles. Now, if Reynolds would’ve been making snarky, witty comments while I was driving I might’ve been distracted, but that commercial was just “meh.” They really should’ve gone the Deadpool route and used the car’s accident detection from that aspect. Maybe it was merely a way to get the girls who love Reynolds gorgeous face, but wouldn’t necessarily want to see Deadpool, to SEE DEADPOOL! (p.s. you should see Deadpool)
Honestly in looking back I don’t know why I laughed so hard at the Doritos dog commercial, because when I think of who wants Doritos it’s never dogs. Yea, yea that’s the funny part and that’s probably why I laughed. They made it quick to connect the “no dogs allowed” in the store with dogs wanting to get into the store and whatever for? – DORITOS!!!! But I was really expecting more…for a Super Bowl Commercial. I think what really made the commercial was the part was the cashier saying, “Whaaaaa?” However, compared to the ultrasound Doritos commercial this one was gold.
Helen Mirren’s Budweiser lecturing the world on not driving drunk commercial was in my top five; I could listen to her talk for days! If you haven’t seen the movies Red and Red 2 –do! Gotta love an old, badass British woman knocking in teeth and taking names!
I was none too impressed with the “Super Bowl Babies” commercials. I mean, cool, you were conceived because your mom and/or dad’s team won and now here you are…sweet, I guess…you can be in a commercial with Seal. I rate this one a “meh” too!
I think by far my favorite commercial was for the Amazon Echo. I’m a sucker for Jason Schwartzman, I’ve been binge watching 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin) lately, Missy Elliot is a badass, and Dan Marino was the perfect patsy in this commercial. Nothing like using technology as a backup for sh*t talking to someone! A++ in my book! Everyone played very well off of one another in this commercial!
Steve Harvey’s T-Mobile commercial gave me a little chuckle and I’m glad he’s embracing everyone laughing at him for his mistake, but I’m a little Steve Harvey memed out to have enjoyed that as much as I should have. Or maybe I shouldn’t have?? What do you think? Still funny or overplayed joke?
It was just super disappointing for me to get more enjoyment from the game than the commercials; or the half time show for that matter. With that said the game went super downhill after the first half. I don’t sports and even I was like, “Come on [Panthers] QB!! What are you doing?!” Was there also grease on that ball and/or did everyone lose their depth perception? All in all the Super Bowl this year was very disappointing, for me personally, through all its aspects. I should’ve just played Paperboy all night…I mean…studied. Studied alllllll night.

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