Eddie the Eagle By: Daniel Holst


Eddie the Eagle opened in theaters on 25 February, and while its story is based upon Michael Edwards aka Eddie the Eagle as the real life British Olympian hopeful who sought any entrance to the games. Unable to make the British downhill team, he switches to ski jumping where he is literally without equal as the first British ski jumper and barely makes it to the 1988 Calgary Olympics where his dismal failures but indomitable spirit endears him across the world.

This is where the similarities end between the real-life and movie Eddie the Eagle, played beautifully by Taron Egerton who movie goers might recognize from Kingsman: The Secret Service. Here the story defaults from based by real events to what should be advertised as inspired by true events.
Most moviegoers will see many similarities between Eddie the Eagle and its 1993 parallel film Cool Runnings. Each film features the disgraced former athlete turned coach to political and familial resistances and how each was ridiculed then accepted by the sports peers. Very similar movies.

This is not to say that Eddie the Eagle is not worth seeing, the multi-talented Hugh Jackman plays his reluctant coach, his mother is such a joy. Astute movie goers may recognize the actor playing The Flying Finn to his other role in Vikings. The biggest joy for me was just watching Egerton portray the joy, malice free, and indomitable spirit of Eddie Edwards. If only more people like Eddie populated our world to remind us of the true spirit of life.


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