APPealing- Alphabear By: Stephanie Hoover

indexOne of the best/worst things to happen to me while working full-time and going to grad school full-time was the app Alphabear. (I blame my boyfriend; thanks baby!) This was a refreshing change from Words with Friends. Not that I don’t love WWF, but so few people will play me, especially after I beat them 87,000 times. While Alphabear is primarily a one-player app as the game has become more popular they’ve added a “verses” mode. However, I think you have to be registered with a game-play something or the other that I’ve had issues with and am just not ready to fight that fight, but it is an option for everyone…except me! >_<

You start by being given options to earn more “honey,” which you use to play the game boards within the chapters. You can earn it like me by watching videos every day (if you mute it it’s more tolerable), use your “coins” to buy more, or ask your parent’s permission to pay $4.99 for infinite honey! There are basic boards throughout the levels: Big Board, 90 Second Timer, Treasure Event, Challenge Event, and Boss Event. The boards change daily too so Sunday through Saturday there are different boards within the different chapters. There are also Special boards as well –Thanksgiving and other events that will appear one week each month.

As you play you’ll earn different bears with different abilities; these help you gain more points. For instance, Panda Bear will give you a final score of 65% and the letter “P” lasts longer during your game play. My favorite is Bacon Bear as 1. I love bacon 2. He earns me 1520% final score bonus, and adds 15 seconds in the timed-mode. However, once I use him he’ll nap for 12 hours, which I annoying for usefulness, but something I can totally relate to! Most levels you can take up to three bears with you, but some only allow two. Choose wisely! –Now onto the actual game!

Only some of the letters will initially appear on the board and you’ll notice they all have numbers on them. These numbers signify how many turns you have left to play the letters before they turn into stone –and once they’re stone they can no longer be played. The point is to play as many letters as possible, all -if you can, which will get you more points. As you make words more letters will appear and the ones used will be replaced with bears; the goal is to make as big of a bear (or bears) as you can. Some bears in the selection process will give you more of a certain letter as well –I’ve learned I don’t know as many words as I need to use Coffee Bear that gives me a bagillion C’s, but also gives me a final score bonus of 1430%. Try it out and let me know what you think! Enjoy Alphabearing!

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