Universe By: Laura Winton

She played with trucks and dolls dressing  them in khaki and in pink interchangeable becausethe world was “mine” to define and she thecenter of al solar systems, blind, everythingmade for her desires and when she grewolder and played with books andpaper-flimsy ideas the universe andits many suns did not change she moved around other planets that orbited eachother and in riddles laughed and pictures they … Continue reading Universe By: Laura Winton

Nebraska, Midwest: The Flyover Zone By: Laura Winton

So here I am, on another bus, caught between the chemical smell of the bathroom and the jerks who got on in Des Moines at 5:00 am and talked all the way to Omaha – for 3 hours—and played their too-loud-for-that-hour-in-that-small-space music. And I realize that the problem with my accursed novel that I have been writing one year out of every ten for the … Continue reading Nebraska, Midwest: The Flyover Zone By: Laura Winton