The Understanding: Why We Must Wake Up

I love the poorly educated,” “I would carpet bomb them (ISIS) into oblivion,” and “The wall just got ten feet higher” are just a few quotes from a couple of the front-runners in this year’s presidential election. What can be seen as an aggressive form of rhetoric, is also the major flaw in our democratic system.
                                                                                                                The Situation

In the United States Constitution, the right for citizens to voice their opinion via the ballot box has given rise to one of the most bombastic political figures in recent political history. Crowds, by the thousands, have flocked to hear Donald Trump deliver his comedic routine (which I must admit is entertaining and frightening at the same time) in this year’s GOP (Grand Old Party) primary. Leading in the total delegate count for the Republican Party nomination, Mr. Trump has not only sharpened his attacks and elevated his militaristic rhetoric, but he has also won the most primaries on the road to the GOP nomination. In his words, “We will win so much that Americans will get bored with winning.” In that case, Mr. Trump, we are tired of winning at this very moment. As Americans, we have to stand up to stop the clown show.

In October of 2015, I predicted that this would happen because Mr. Trump has preyed on the fears of those who feel betrayed by the Republican Party and President Barack Obama. In fact, no one took him seriously and that was the first mistake. If you have never been active nor followed politics and you listen to Donald Trump speak, then you may be brainwashed rather quickly. His ideas (though skimp on the details) and his aggressive stance against the “establishment” has led to a following of at least a few million voters, with more to come. Many pundits predict that Mr. Trump will eventually run out of steam, but then again, they predicted him to be out of the race by December. This goes to show that we are in an unpredictable election cycle and I believe that the final curve ball is still waiting to be thrown.
To begin the “what if” thoughts. What if Donald Trump is elected? Will the delegates in those states pledge their delegates toward a Trump candidacy? Public opinion is not too friendly to this cause. In many recent polls, Mr. Trump is at a staggering near sixty percent disapproval rating among many groups outside of his base…”the poorly educated.” His words, not mine. In fact, Mr. Trump has all but alienated himself from everyone, especially the Republican Party.  However, he still clings on to the fact that he has ignited the GOP’s electorate, and this fact should keep the Democrats up at night. No one can assume that the American electorate will wake up and vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders because this election cycle is different.

   What Happens Next

In recent contests, Donald Trump’s allure is starting to wear off, but is it too late? With a little more than 80 delegates separating Mr. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz and the polls favoring Mr. Trump (in the upcoming contests), the writing may be on the wall. However, I believe that Donald Trump will find a way to squander away his lead and fall off the path to the GOP nomination. I believe that Mr. Trump will lose in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Losing those states will put a dent into his already-dimming momentum. But will it be enough for another candidate to emerge with enough delegates to win the nomination? The answer, no. If fact, what is to come of the Republican Party when the convention arrives and there is not a nominee is surely made for the theaters. There will be jockeying for delegates and back-room deals all leading to the thing they wanted to end in the first place, Trump.  If he has shown us anything, Trump’s ability to make deals is far more superior to any other candidate in the race. He has spent his entire life building a billion dollar company, despite the one million dollar loan. In addition, his supporters are just as delusional as he is. Both the rhetoric at his rallies and the media’s coverage of him has led to the concrete following of Donald J. Trump. In the end, his followers will show up in Cleveland ready for war, and war is what they will get. It will get ugly folks…Please do not allow for your children to watch the carnage.

How to Stop the Madness

In order to stop either Trump or Cruz, one must abandon their party affiliation for the upcoming primaries. In states like Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Florida, Democrats must vote for John Kasich or Marco Rubio (in the primary). Though the polls say that those two have the greatest shot at beating Hillary in the general election, they have absolutely no chance to beat Trump or Cruz without your votes. The purpose is not prop up another candidate, but instead stop the two candidates who are the most diabolical in the field. And to those who believe that this will hurt Hillary Clinton, she is more than halfway to the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. In addition, Bernie Sanders is not a democrat so no matter how many delegates he wins, the super delegates will put Hillary over the top.

What Have We Learned

As I close, ask yourself this question, “Would I rather have 4 years of Donald J. Trump or 4 years of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as president?” The choice is yours to be on the right side of history, but there is something to be said about voting against potentially, “the greatest jobs president that God has ever created.”


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