10 Cloverfield Lane: Review By: Stephanie Hoover

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I mean…talk about a roller coaster10-cloverfield-lane of emotions!!! I was on the edge of my seat, relaxed with my feet kicked up, cuddled up (in fear) with my daughter, put my hand in front of my eyes (1 ½ times), jumped once, hit my boyfriend 1-2 times in shock, and my jaw even dropped at one point. Yup. I think I covered the majority of my reactions during this film. I think the only way I could’ve been more engaged was to actually be IN the movie.

No, the movie wasn’t gross/gory. I just have a huge problem with needles, stitching, and the like; very minimally seen, but ANY is too much for me! I don’t even know what specifics I can say without giving anything away…don’t worry, I won’t. The film starts eases you into a false safety and then quickly smacks you in the face with some action –BAM! ACTION! Madness! This film had the perfect rollercoaster of calm, anxiety, calm, anxiety, anxiety, calm, anxiety, anxiety, what-the-ffffff, anxiety, oh-hell-no, calm…well, you get it. It’s the epitome of a thriller. And much like the tired metaphor of a rollercoaster it had so many twists and turns I never knew what was going to happen or more so –what could happen. I was in an endless battle of trying to figure out how I felt about certain characters (all four-ish of them) and what was really going on or was what I was told going on really what was going on!? Argh!

After some fair Googling I will tell you this- according to Slashfilm.com’s explanation of the origin of this movie it doesn’t look like it’s a direct sequel to the movie Cloverfield. However, Slashfilm.com referred to it as “a blood relative,” which is good because I was not a fan of Cloverfield; it made me want to puke in the theater because of how it was shot, not because it sucked.

I highly recommend seeing this movie in the theaters! I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did!

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