Netflix Binge: Fuller House By: Stephanie Hoover

Fuller-House-Reaction-TweetsWhile growing up I was a beloved fan of Full House. I loved the wholesome family values and the antics the children would get into. I didn’t even mind everything “working out in the end” despite the fact that we all know that’s not how the real world typically works; always a group hug. Like many people I was in awe when I heard the show was making a comeback. However, maybe unlike many, I was indifferent about the reboot until I was able to (binge) watch it.

The hardest thing for me in watching the first episode was that the audience cheered with the entrance of every – single – character. What was even more annoying was that this carried on into the next episode. I was initially turned off from the mass amounts of forced nostalgia. Throughout the show the characters would reference the past either through catchphrases or flashbacks; sometimes shown side by side with the present. My biggest wonder in my dislike for the forced nostalgia is would I have disliked it less if it wasn’t forced or if I didn’t binge watch it? I leaning more toward disliking how forced the nostalgia was because I did love when D.J. would say, “Oh Mylanta!” throughout the series or how Kimmy Gibbler would make statements about “always wanting to have lived in this house” or how rude it was when people just barged into another’s home.

Not that I disliked it all…in fact I loved hearing my beloved characters make mention of present day pop culture. It was like, “Wow! This fictional character I grew up with watches the same shows I can (but don’t) watch!!” While I thought the first dance scene was cool I ended up getting tired of the constant song and dance numbers by the end of the series. Again, because it was oozing with force.

I still remain indifferent toward Fuller House as I absolutely loved half of the show and I was completely annoyed with the other half. -And don’t get me wrong, I love cheesy. I love iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney! I just remember Full House doing it so much more naturally. I’ve heard there is going to be a second season from watching interviews with the cast and you better believe I’ll binge watch the whole second season too! Check out the series for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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