“Why would one choose Human Resources as their profession?” By: Carla Taets


Human Resources. Often when the topic of HR is of discussion with my fellow peers, questions like, “Why would one choose Human Resources as their profession?” typically tend to be asked. I personally did not start college with the belief that my major would be in HR. Once I discovered what the occupation potentially had to offer, my path became narrower, and I knew what I was meant to do in the workforce. HR is the heartbeat of any company. It is a sector that has involvement in all other professions company wide, while still having the time to help manage the big picture of a company efficiently and smoothly. That level of responsibility and involvement within a company draws someone like myself to this field of business.


Upon deciding HR was the career path for me, thoughts of how to advance professionally began. Good ethics is highly important, especially for the HR department. The necessity of remaining ethical when working in the field of business is high for both management and its employees. It’s important everyone remains ethical when making and furthering decisions made by those within a company. These decisions may not always be the popular choice, but as a HR professional, we must tackle the tough issues in the most appropriate way possible. Your company’s ethical behaviors in all spectrums of business will effects everyone. Be the HR professional that will inspire others by your actions. Build the company moral with training sessions on ethics. Lead the way for both management and employees to follow. Make the HR department the example for the entire company to follow. Setting high morals and good ethics will bring the company credibility and generate company success.


Starting your career knowing how important ethics are to our profession will greatly advance your abilities to succeed. If this level of responsibility in business excites you like it did me, I challenge those who is unsure of what career he or she would like after college, put some research in the HR profession. If that spark ignites like it did with myself, I then invite you to check out a SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) meeting to see what being a Human Resource professional can offer you.

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