Deadpool Review By: Stephanie Hoover

NEyKQSLRqJNWDD_1_bDon’t worry, no spoilers…I don’t think? No, no spoilers. Okay one: I don’t know if I can look at a ring pop the same again. Okay, that’s it.
First of all the opening scene was AWESOME! I love freeze frame shots that pan around the scene accompanied with pristine graphics and text that mocks its very existence. -Was that a spoiler? I don’t think it was.- Of course as most of my favorite stories start Deadpool started at the end…ish…and then jumps back to the beginning of all things important that you need to know in order to make sense of the madness, sadness, and antics in the end-ish scene before the actual end, which of course isn’t the end end, because there’s something after the credits; which is the end end for real real.

I’ve been told that I’m a pretty snarky, witty, sarcastic, clever, and sharp tongued girl and I like Ryan Reynolds, I like the comics I’ve read, and I love super hero movies, therefore I thought I’d LOVE Deadpool. However, I left the theater thinking that it was just okay (3 out of 5 stars at that). Aside from my sister I seem to be the only other person who thinks this so there’s a great chance you’ll still give it 5 or even 6 out of 5 stars! It’s just, sigh, some of the jokes weren’t that funny. Most of the ones I didn’t like were very dick and fart jokey –and they were way too forced; forced farty jokes, gross. And I know that’s kinda Deadpoolish, but I guess I just thought that Deadpool would be more sharp and clever than what he was. Considering that Ryan Reynolds has a long rap sheet of snarky characters he’s played and coupled with what I knew of the Deadpool character I thought the dialogue was going to spot F-ing on; “flawless victory,” dialogue style. Like think back to Van Wilder. That was top notch! I don’t know if the “meh” dialogue was due the comics or the script, but for me that’s what really lost the 2 stars in my [comic] book. Oh, also…I know I said there’s a scene after the credits…that kinda sucked too. I mean, you have to stay and watch it, but I was like, “Oh, that was it? Okay I guess. Pffft.”

However, the “meh” dialogue aside the graphics were super cool and I love whenever the 4th wall is broken! So if you wanna see the 4th wall get kicked down and thrown around in snarky style, see Ryan Reynolds’s butt (if you haven’t seen it enough), and want to see Erlich Bachman from Silicon Valley (he’s great!) then head out to see Deadpool! I hope the stars are ever in its favor in your [comic] book!

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