Strong Bad Review By: Stephanie Hoover

Congratulations! if you know who/what I’m talking about –you’re already cool! For those of you who want to be any kind of cool you’ll stop reading this article and go to and click that teeeeeeny TIIIIINY white link that says “sb emails.” However, if you’re the type of person who wants to read the rest of this first for more info I can’t fault you; you’re just keeping yourself from being cool longer than you could otherwise.

So if you’re a super geek like me you’ll eventually get around to clicking the also teeny tiny button that says “characters.” That should be pretty self-explanatory, but in case it’s not you’ll get introduced to all of the characters and gain a sense of their personalities from each of their vhs tapes. The “toons” are just that –little short toons that the creators have come up with aside from the main element, which is the Strong Bad Email button. “Downloads” is full of icons and wallpapers and other cool stuff you can, ya know, DOWNLOAD onto your computer. The “store” is so you can show your Strong Bad pride and appropriate your money into showing your coolness to others. I not only have all of their DVD’s and a few t-shirts, but I also had, till I sold my car, some sweet car decals. Those decals have helped me not only show off my coolness, but make friends (and find my car from time to time). One time a dude yelled, “Trogdor!!! The Burninator!! YEA!!!” at me while I was on my way to get a massage. Few people know of this little animated online series, but those who do know of it will think you’re the coolest thing since the floppy disk if they know that you are in the know of Strong Bad and all that one can know of it.

I have to admit…the first time my, now, ex-boyfriend showed this to me I hated him. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever….until I found myself later quoting it, telling other people about it, and constantly referencing it. I then kept going back to see what else I could find and thus became addicted –erm, a fan? In fact, I nicknamed my friend Trevor, Vampire, after watching the “trevor the vampire” episode. Whenever I hear someone talk about “a system being down” I immediately break out into song and annoyingly flip the light switch off and on in hopes of someone yelling at me to explain what the light switch was installed for; light switch raves not being one of them. This online animated cartoon became so cool that Guitar Hero put “Trogdor (The BURNINATOR)” on one of its discs, which is from the “dragon” episode. Strong Bad also makes fun of people’s grammar and punctuation –so any English person should immediately fall in love with it. And if you don’t…you’re doing it wrong!! Try it again till you get it right! There are also games and other such cool things on the site. I recommend Peasant Quest for a game. It’s kind of hard if you haven’t played a text adventure, but it’s pretty funny too.

Are you still reading this?? STOP IT! And go to and let the cool resonate within you!


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