App-aholic: 1010! By: Stephanie Hoover



If you like Tetris, but get anxiety from the rate at which the pieces fall then this app should help calm your nerves! You’re given three pieces at a time and place them wherever you want on the open board. The goal is much like Tetris, to keep clearing the lines, horizontally and/or vertically. It’s addicting because you’ll say, “UGH!! Okay, one more time. I know I can do better!” There’s nothing like getting a HUGE square when you need a long horizontal piece; watch out for those big ones –they’re always popping up at the worst times and it’s a killer when ALL three pieces are the biggest ones and you don’t have the room! My method is always to not let the board fill up too full or to try and keep 1/3 of the board clear, but for some reason I always end up throwing that method out of the window and screwing myself. Give it a try –and like 98% of the apps I play IT’S FREE!!

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