Netflix Binge: Jane the Virgin By: Stephanie Hoover

jane-the-virginMy latest Netflix series quest has led me to what I refer to as a modern pop culture soap opera. The main character, Jane, is determined to not make the same mistakes her mother did –having a child at a young age, out of wedlock, with the father not in the picture. Of course, the best method in not conceiving a child is abstinence; or so she thinks. Jane lives strictly by this method while being in a committed relationship with her boyfriend. As many, I’m sure, can relate Jane is stretched thin between work, school, her relationship, her family, and everything else that life can throw at someone! While Jane is at her yearly pap smear, womanly, doctor appointment there happens to be a litttttttle mishap –a doctor who’s filling in for Jane’s accidentally artificially inseminates her instead of another patient. Now you might be saying, “SPOILER!!!” Nope! That’s what we refer to as the premise. Remember how I referred to it as a modern pop culture soap opera? Yea, it’s a major soap opera. The storyline is filled with comedy, romance, suspense, sadness, MURDER, heartbreak, heartache, revenge, threats, sex, and so on and so forth. I don’t know how anyone could lose interest in this show; every turn there’s a new reveal, dun, dun, duuuuuuuun! I strongly encourage binging on this show! I just got my daughter hooked. She loves me for introducing her to it, but hates me because she can’t stop watching it, “Well we have to watch the next one now!” Sorry! You’re welcome! Enjoy!

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