Keanu Review By: Sean Harrison

keanu-movie-poster-oscar-parody-04Directed by Peter Atencio, “Keanu” is the first movie starring the comedy team of Keegan Michael Key and Jorden Peele.  In addition, the movie also stars Method Man and Luis Guzman as the two antagonist.  It is, in effect, what you would expect from a movie starring Key and Peele and in fact it feels a bit like an extended skit from their show, basically being 90 minute joke that never gets old.

Anyway, the movie starts when the titular kitten escapes a shootout and somehow arrives at the door of Jordan Peele’s heartbroken character.  They, in turn, develop a relationship and Peele redefines what it means to be a crazy cat person.  However, the cat is ultimately kidnapped by a local gang in a robbery.  This causes Peele to recruit his cousin (played by Keegan Michael Key), so they can find the kitten.  This leads to them getting involved with the gang and even going on a drug run.  Making this part especially hilarious, neither Key nor Peele fits in.  Neither one of them is that ghetto, especially Key who makes Carlton Banks on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” seem gangsta.  In the process, the plot develops around the concept of mistaken identity.

Speaking of mistaken identity, however, the movie is full of jokes involving it.  This has both positive and negative consequences.  On one hand the frequent jokes are absolutely hilarious, and I’m not afraid to admit I laughed so hard there was wetness in my eyes.  However, on the flipside, the plot was paper thin.  In other words, there was almost no depth to the story.  This did not present a problem though.  I was laughing so hard I didn’t care.  Also, the action scenes were surprisingly well done.  As a result this is the second really good action comedy I’ve seen in theaters this year, the other one being “Deadpool.”

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