This Moment (3rd Place Winner of IDEAS Poetry Contest) By: Rebecca Graham

What was before, but is not now –

Haunts the soul and robs the night of sleep.

Memories, like photos, fade, or should

But for the constant vigil we keep –

We fan the flames lit in remembrance

Until the smoke clouds our days,

We chain ourselves to the past

And wallow, like martyrs, in our pain.


What could be, but is not yet –

The unknowable future we cannot foresee

Fills our thoughts with anxiousness

And buzzes ‘round our brain like bees.

It siphons off our sense of peace,

Until, we forfeit, by neglect, each of our days’ joys –

Obsession becomes our calling card and

We stand possessed by the impenetrable void.


What is right now, but will soon fade –

This moment – fleeting and swift.

THIS is where our minds should be –

Our souls rejoicing in the gift.

Break the chains.

Blow out the flame.

Look not into the void of unknown strife.

Stop.  Be.  Cherish this moment

Or else surrender what is paramount in life.

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