3 Musts for a Minimalist Summer By: Cheyenne Coleman

IMG_3102Summer is fast approaching and we all can’t wait for the days of shorts, swimsuits, and sunny days. There is so much to do before the next semester comes rolling around. I am asking you one thing, slow down and smell the roses.

I have made a list of a few things you can do this summer to help you slow your life down. It doesn’t always have to be a rat race. I find the more I slow my life down, the more I enjoy it. Sure, I don’t get as much done as I should, but I am just taking it all in. Here is how I am taking it all in and I think you should too.

Go hiking!!! I cannot tell you enough to go hiking. Even if you aren’t a tennis shoes wearing-mud covered legs kind of girl, you will still enjoy it. I will warn you though that you have to be in the right mindset to really enjoy a hike. But once you step into those woods, it will be the freshest breath of air you have enjoyed in six months, I tell ya. Just do it. Rarely does hiking cost any money to do and even if it does, you will get way more out of that day hike than the coupe bucks they tried to strangle out of you.

Farmer’s Market. There is no shame in window shopping at the farmer’s market. You don’t even have to buy anything. It’s just neat to look at all the different things everyone has to offer. Maybe even think about packing a picnic for your lunch by the river. If you have done a little penny pinching and you have a little more jangle in your pocket, hit up one of the local breweries instead. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Sleep in, read a book, and drink your coffee all day. Slow rainy days of birds chirping through the window are some of the best days. And if you aren’t into rainy days, though I love them, read a book that let’s you escape the day’s gloom. It’s always good for the soul.

I know I only listed 3 ideas but my husband and I will be spending most of this summer hiking. I mean hiking anywhere we can. Our goal is to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail next summer so we better get to training. If I could, I would have just listed ‘go hiking!’ for all three must of the summer. If you really want to get back in tune with yourself and slowing the world around you, go hiking. Enough said. What will you do this summer that will help slow your life down?

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