Book Binge: Stephanie Reads and What They’ll Entail By: Stephanie Hoover

I think one of the things that’s kept me from reading certain books is what kept me from reading when I was a t[w]een…I loathe when people say, “You should read ______. It’s REALLY good.” This then leads to me thinking that books like The Hunger Games is a non-fiction political book about how food and government work with (or against) one another. If you want to get me to read anything you’re going to need to cite something from the book or give a better description than, “Times says riveting!” or “Stephen King’s most terrifying work since ________.” I’m going to need more than that. With that said my book binges will hopefully give you a decent description of the book with a few examples and hopefully no spoilers. If I’ve seen the movie associated with it I’ll probably throw in some commentary on that as well. However, not all movies adapted from books are bad and not all books are better than the movies; sometimes they’re just different.

I read a wide range of books. I primarily like fiction, but when I can find a good non-fiction I do part-take. The non-fiction books I gravitate toward are those that I can learn from, like things associated with human behavior and ethics. I’m also a huge fan of old English lit. I’ve purchased a lot of series books lately and hope to knock my way through those as well.

I understand that some people hate reading, as I used to be one of those people, but honestly I am a firm believer in if you don’t like reading you just haven’t found what you’re interested in reading. My interests shot through the roof when I read Chuck Palahniuk’s Survivor. I immediately fell in love with his witty writing and attention to detail that made me feel like he was an expert in every character trait he’d written for his vast characters. I wasn’t even big into comic books until the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and then I wanted all of those comics. I also loved Fight Club 2 as a comic. With that said I have a little reading ADHD to where I multi-read, read many books at the same time, and contrary to popular belief I’m an insanely slow reader. I also like to underline, snapshot, and Facebook/Twitter quote which slows me down even more! If someone’s around me or someone I know has read the book I’ll usually stop to talk to them about it because I love something so much from it. Anyway! Hope you like my recommendations and pick up a few yourselves!

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