WIU- QC Chalk Square Competition Winners! Check out all the talented students we have!

The winner for Best Square goes to square number 12 (Erika Brewer). This square really jumped out to us as it was able to brilliantly capture two of the most iconic aspects of both the Quad City Campus and the Macomb Campus. What really set this square over the top was also the artistic skill that this square was created with. The drawing of both logos was done with extreme care and accuracy and really made this square stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Square number 6 (Priscilla Porter) wins the most artistic award. One of the judges (Dan Dankert) said the following about this square- “The crying robot holding a flower is so powerful and creative. The fact that a robot, which isn’t alive, can see a flower and find it beautiful for being alive creates such a unique and powerful message.” Not only was the symbolism unique and the drawing powerful but the detail of which the drawing was made was subtle and added to the artistic value of the picture.




The winner for the picture with the best QC theme goes to square number 15 (Erika Laugeson). This picture effectively drew on two of our favorite elements of the Quad Cities to win this award: The Mississippi River and the WIU-QC Campus.


Square 16 (Tyler Carter) wins the best student organization picture award. This picture was simple but overwhelmingly effective. The usage of the brain to act as a symbol for the psychology club was the most effective and the picture was just as detailed as any other picture in the entire competition.


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