Sully By: Sean Harrison

Based on a true story, “Sully” is the latest masterpiece from Clint Eastwood.  It stars Tom Hanks as the titular protagonist with Laura Linney as his wife and Aaron Eckhart as his young co-pilot.

Anyway, the movie is based on “the Miracle on the Hudson,” and follows Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger as he prepares to be investigated.  The National Transportation Safety Board is claiming that the plane he was piloting crashed due to pilot error.  Simulations are showing he should have been able to make it back to the airport and that one of the engines was idle when the plane crashed.  Meanwhile, the crash is shown through a series of flashbacks (which ultimately prove the NTSB is wrong).  However, this does not stop Sully from wondering whether or not he made the right decision.  This, despite the fact that everyone survived with no serious injuries.  In the end, both the investigation and Sully’s unjustified guilt end with a court hearing.

Overall, this was a great predictably a great movie.  Clint Eastwood was directing Tom Hanks in the type of movie they both excel at most.  As a result, Eastwood has—for once—followed up one of his best movies (“American Sniper”) with another one of his best.  Aside from being an extremely well made movie, the film benefited from one of the best performances I’ve seen from Hanks (who was made to look an awful lot like the real Sully).  In fact, this may be the best performance he’s done since “Apollo 13” or even “Forest Gump.”  In addition, the rest of the cast was exceptionally good too especially Aaron Eckhart who sort of became the comic relief.

Aside from this, I can’t think of anything wrong with the film.  It was brilliant, and there’s nothing more that can be said.

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