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Active Shooter Drill Participation By: Devon Hulsey


My name is Devon0921161142b-1 Hulsey and I am the President of the Criminal Justice Society at WIU-QC.

Today, myself and Kelsey PB (Vice President) had the opportunity to participate in an Active Shooter Drill hosted by Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department at the MetroLINK garage in Rock Island.

It was a very cool learning experience as criminal justice students to see their SWAT officers in action and actually be able to be volunteer as hostages for the drill! The department was very kind to us and offered us a lot of advice about the Law Enforcement Field. They also gave us a break down of how a real Active shooter situation would go in terms of the techniques used by the department.

Picture: Kelsey, myself, and the SWAT team from Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department.

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