Homecoming Fun! By: Stephanie Hoover

unnamedWhat a beautiful day to take your daughter and boyfriend outside for a weekend bounce house joust! This was just one of the many fun events the WIU Student Government Association had at the Homecoming event Saturday. There was also a basketball bounce house where you strapped on a vest that had a bungee cord attached to it and whoever was the first to run from the back to the basket and make it in won! Or maybe whoever didn’t get pulled back and bounced around their row was the real winner? Nonetheless, it was hilarious to watch my daughter and boyfriend duke it out and flail all over the place; they had a good time too. And what could be more fun than watching your fellow students and their families joust one another in a big bouncy bed? If bounce houses weren’t your thing they also provided bags, food, football, and great conversation! Keep an eye out for more fun event provided by the Student Government Association.

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