My Canonical Cube of Possibilities By: Stephanie Hoover

I know in my hopeful heart and believe in the blank-slated soul that’s waiting to be colored with the knowledge of the world -that these things which I will share are true; as true as I am standing here now.

In a world full of endless possibilities –just waiting for my interests to fall into alignment -to become acquainted by my parents, extended family, teachers, and friends -I am left in suspense, waiting to take flight.

My Parents will tell me that my Life is what I make it. Because I can choose what I want to be and where I want to go and who I surround myself with –I can do anything! If I just work hard and am patient, the world will be at my fingertips! –Now, what do I want to be!

My Teachers will help me walk carefully over each step of each intellectual stone:











a variety of athletics,


balancing a checkbook,

how to debate,


how annoying and embarrassing a pretend baby is and how it is nothing like the real thing,

“public” speaking…

Wait, what? I should go to college?


That’s how I’m going to get a good job someday!

My Friends will be there always -for midnight strolls down the street, all-nighter video game binges, hours-on-end phone calls, X-Files script writing obsessions, and to back me up on all boy-issues. While I know some friends will come and go, I’m told the true, and supportive, ones will stick by my side! –And that I’ll be able to see the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For today, I am ready to face the world! To follow my parents’, teachers’, and friends’ guidance, because unconditional love, structured education, and support is my foundation, my ladder, and my glue.

I can be whoever and whatever I want to be.

If I have a strong work ethic, stay on the right course, and surround myself with “the right” people, then I will have a fulfilling life.

How could I refuse such a perfect package?

An ideal world just waiting to be opened. I can see the changes to come. I can touch the building blocks laid out before me. I can imagine the possibilities. They’re all at my fingertips. And I can breathe in the changes of the seasons to come.

The seasons in which I will grow, as they change -so I, myself, might one day be the best parts of:

My parents, who have it all together.

My teachers, who are filled with knowledge to share with me.


My friends, the true friends, who I will build memories with that I will treasure for a life-time.


And to think, that one day I might help in shaping the system myself. The one that is the vehicle of free thought and change and the one that will show others how to think like this and change the world like that. And while I will build off others, someday others else will be building off of what I have said and what I have done.

What am I taught will show what we are allowed to do and how to do it. I will make my life whatever I deem it should be. I will soar with knowledge beneath my wings. And I will be surrounded by great people who help me do great things and lead a great life. I will be significant!

I will be taught by the great minds who were taught by great minds and I will one day, myself, be teaching the future great minds to come. I can’t wait to open my box.

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