What People Don’t Tell You About Having a German Shepherd By: Alicia McPhillips

germanshepherddogsgsdsnoahdaxhannah32– You will never have a matching pair of socks again. And if by chance you just wear one solid color of sock, you will always have an odd number of socks that “magically” disappear.

– Be prepared to sweep and/or vacuum at least once a day. They don’t call them German Shedders for nothing.

– You never have to feel alone- even when you get up to go to the bathroom or take a shower.

– You will always be aware of all the squirrels, birds, and sketchy looking leaves in the yard.

– You will never yell anyone’s name as much as you will yell your dogs name from barking at said sketchy leaves and squirrels.

– Due to the previous, your neighbors will know your dog by name

– Sharing your food is a must

– It takes a very special dog who is used for law enforcement, yet gentle enough for a baby to climb all over.

– Your GSD will walk you, not the other way around

– You never have to go to bed alone

– Expect daily duels between your GSD and the vacuum cleaner

– No one will ever be as excited to see you as your German Shepherd

– You will go through so many Chuck it balls

– When people ask “do you have any kids?” you’ll respond with “well, I have dog”

– You will spend so much time trying to get your dog to howl

– Once you do- there’s no sweeter sound

– You will never have a dog who loves you as much as a German Shepherd; completely unconditional and loyal.

– You will never have a dog who leaves such an impact on your life as your German Shepherd will.

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