Want to get your creative work published? By: Laura Winton

Karawane: or, the Temporary Death of the Bruitist is a literary magazine dedicated to artists who perform their own work:  poets, spoken word artists, playwrights, performance artists, experimental musicians, etc.  It was originally started in the open mics of Minneapolis in 1997 and expanded to publish national and international artists. They have a small one year grant to publish artists exclusively from the Quad Cities and so issue 11 will feature exclusively artists from Rock Island and Scott counties.

Karawane will be accepting manuscripts until December 31, 2016.  Their mission is two-pronged.  To publish experimental work by artists that perform their work in public, at a poetry open mic, at the Figge art museum, in the park with your friends standing around listening to you, etc.

The experimental portion of the work is a little bit harder to quantify.  They are looking for work that doesn’t sound like everyone else’s.  Experimental work may be a sonnet, particularly if you write like Gerard Manley Hopkins.  It might be a series of haiku.  It could be a wildly experimental poem or story that makes no sense at all or it could even be a sound poem comprised of only syllables.  It could be something completely impossible to read out loud that you have nonetheless performed.  In other works, break out of the trapezoid!  Dare to be a rhombus.

Unlike many literary journals, they do accept previously published work, as long as you retain the rights to your work.  And best of all, you get paid for getting published!  That is pretty rare with poetry, fiction, and other types of creative work.  Karawane will also supply you with copies of the journal, which you can sell or give away to friends and family and keep any proceeds that you earn on it.

To see what kind of work Karawane has published in the past, go to http://karawane.homestead.com and take a look around.  There are past issues on the website.

All manuscripts must be sent digitally.  Email your manuscripts or copies of your original art work to karawane@earthlink.net.  You can also write with questions as well.

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