Deepwater Horizon Review By: Sean Harrison

“Deepwater Horizon” is the latest film directed by Peter Berg, who previously directed “Lone Survivor.”  Much like the previous movie, this film is also based on a true story—this time the BP oil spill from a few years ago (mainly the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig).  In addition, this movie also stars Mark Wahlberg.  However, he is joined in the cast by Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriguez, Dylan O’Brien and Kate Hudson.

Anyway, the film follows Electronics Technician Mike Williams as he leaves his wife and daughter for a 21-day stay on the oil rig from which he makes a living.  On the flight over he is joined by his boss, as well another co-worker and a couple of BP executives who are set to tour the facility.  Once they arrive, it is discovered that the previous crew was supposed to do a cement test but was dismissed by the BP execs already on the rig.  Ultimately, it is revealed that they care more about top dollar and are underestimating the negative consequences of their actions.  This proves devastating when a massive oil spill causes the rig to go up in flames.  Williams and some of his co-workers set out to try and save as many people as they possibly can while also trying to escape themselves.  They are mostly successful with only eleven tragedies reported at the end of the day.  Meanwhile, Williams’ wife is forced to experience everything from the safety of her own home.

In the end, I felt this was possibly the best disaster film I’ve seen since, at least, “Titanic.”  One thing I especially liked was their use of horror clichés, especially before the disaster even happened.  Notably, the movie had various instances of foreshadowing that felt like a bad omen (like in the god awful “Final Destination” series).  In addition, the movie also highlighted what is wrong with many other disaster movies.  The movie makes you care about the characters before anything bad happens, even Malkovich’s character who was the closest thing to a villain in the whole movie.

Unfortunately the movie also opened so soon after “Sully,” which was, in my opinion, a much better movie based on a true story.  That doesn’t stop “Deepwater Horizon” from being a great movie because it is; however, it may have felt like a better movie if it wasn’t so easy to compare to the former film.  Anyway, I recommend everyone go see this film.

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